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50+ Personal Training with Linda Gottlieb

Personal Fitness Training
It seems all the celebrities have them. Elite athletes have them. Should you have a personal fitness trainer? 
Americans today know that exercise is the answer to many health-related problems. A regular exercise routine can help reduce health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.
It’s estimated that more than 85% of disease is lifestyle-related, but most people lack the motivation to increase activity and move more consistently.
That’s where a certified personal trainer can help with motivation, education, accountability and support. Think of a trainer as an expert coach and mentor whose job it is to help you improve your health and physical condition.
Hi I am Linda Gottlieb and for over 30 years I have helped people with healthy aging, disease management and pre and post surgical recovery, by building  a foundation of safe, modified and consistent exercise
As a veteran certified fitness and cancer exercise trainer, with extensive experience working hundreds of individuals, locally and throughout the nation, I believe that you can defy and define how you age; I'd be honored to help you on your way to an active, healthy lifestyle. 
All sessions are 30 minutes in duration.  This is what we will do in our first four week** session:

  • One: We'll talk about your fitness goals and do some fitness assessments and observations about where you are today in regards to exercise so we can set the stage for your success. The initial session is the first building block to your personalized program.

  • Two: You'll begin on your  personalized exercise program I create based on session one, so you can get moving in a safe and effective manner.  My philosophy Start where you are- Do what you can- Expect improvements, they're coming!

  • Three: I'll tweak the exercises based on your feedback and how you did in session two, and add additional ones so you'll get more familiar with proper form and practice.

  • Four: Together, we will review your base program, and you will perform those exercises and see how far you have progressed- this will set the stage for your ongoing improvement.

In subsequent sessions, I'll continue to keep you consistent, accountable and engaged as you grow stronger, fitter and more physically active.  We'll measure your progress alone the way-and celebrate your improvements!
Don't be surprised if you lose a pound or two or find that your doctor decreases some of your medication-We know now how powerful movement is....Exercise IS Medicine.
* Sessions are available for one participant, or two participants sharing the same 30 minute time slot.
Pricing: $120 for 4 sessions
Location: Seymour CC Gym 

Contact Linda to set up an appointment-  

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